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"Dorchester Dirk"

 This little dirk features a 6" blade of my Evil Eyes Damascus.  The guard is Nickel silver while the handle is fossil walrus.  This is a sleek little dirk in a nice compact package. 


"Eastside Fighter"

 This knife features a 12" blade of W2. The hamon has alot going on with it. There is utsuri, ashi and also nie in the blade. The fittings are blued mild steel. The handle is a piece of deeply textured stag. The balance point on this one is just in front of the guard, it is very quick in the hand. This one won Best Fighter at the 2007 PKA show. 


"Mini Slim Pickens"

 This is a dressed up version of the Mini Slim Pickens.  It has a 5" twisted W pattern blade of 1084 & 15N20. The handle is snakewood and the fittings are 416 Stainless. 


Another Slim Pickens

"Fayette Fighter"

 The blade is 8 1/2" of my Loki's Ladder damascus. The fittings are of a high layer random Damascus and the handle material is some nice creamy colored fossil walrus ivory. The overall length on this one is 14".


Forged W-2 "Big B" blade.  Blade is a little over 7" long and 2" wide.

Photos courtesy of Andreartworks. 


This is my Featherweight fighter model.  It weighs 8 ozs without the sheath and 12 ozs with the sheath.  The blade is 7 7/8" long and 5/32" thick with a nice distal taper.  The damascus  is 288 layers of 1084 and 15N20.  The guard and spacer are nickel silver and the handle is curly koa wood with a mosaic pin.  The handle features nice palm swells and fits in the hand very securely.  The sheath is a high ride model that is nicely tooled and features a snap keeper strap.  This knife is very quick and fast. 

Slim-Pickens Fighter using 1084 steel measuring overall 12 1/2" and blade length of 7 1/8".

Photo. courtesy of Andreartworks.

"Sunday dress knife"

The blade is 6 1/4" of 1084 and 15N20 in my Lava Flow pattern. The Lava Flow is a mosiac pattern that I have been playing with for a little while.  The handle is contoured african blackwood while the fittings are blued mild steeel and nickel silver. Overall length on this knife is 11 3/8".