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"Mini Bowie" 

The concept of this style of knife is to scale down a full sized bowie inot a nice small package.  The challenge is trying to maintain the proportions and scale of the bowie in a nice easily concealable package.  This one has a 4" damascus blade and a walrus ivory handle. 


"Starved Rock Bowie"

 This bowie features a W2 blade 13" long.  The fittings are made from damascus and feature some filework.  The handle is fossil walrus ivory.  


"Riverfront Bowie"

 This spearpoint bowie features a 12" blade of forged W2 steel.  The handle material is african blackwood while the fittings are nickel silver.  This bowie has a little heft to it.  It could work all day and then be carried for reassurance in the evening. 


"Chesterpatch Companion"

 This bowie features a 10" blade of my Loki's Ladder damascus.  The fittings are damascus while the handle is pre-ban elephant ivory.  The handle is made via a damascus frame construction.  This is really nicely balanced piece that was really fun to make.   


"Macoupin County Marauder"

 This knife has a 10" blade of forged W2. I was real happy with the hamon as there is utsuri, ashi lines, noi and nie all present on the blade. The guard is stainless steel with a copper spacer. The handle is a really nice piece of Ringed Gidgee, the grain on this one follows the curvature of the handle almost perfectly. This one is very light and quick in the hand. The overall length is 15 1/8". 



"Bowie and Fighter matched set"

 The top Bowie has a 10 1/8" blade and is 15 1/4" overall. The lower fighter  has a 8 3/8" blade and is 13 7/8" overall. Both have damascus fittings and small file-worked nickel silver spacer in between the damascus spacers.


"Southwest S-guard"

The 9" blade is forged from W-2 and is 1 3/4" wide. The guard and butt cap are french grayed. The spacer is copper and the handle is sambar stag. The hamon turns back so that the entire clip is hardened. The clip is not fully sharpened but two or three passes on a diamond rod would have it like a razor. 

This is my version of a Searles style bowie.  The blade is forged from 1080 steel and measures 9 1/4 long by 1 wide.  The fittings are blued steel and nickel silver.  The handle is ebony with raised ovals on all four sides.  The sheath is made of heavy leather with a soft garment leather outer wrapping and a nickel silver throat and tip. 

D-Guard Bowie.  The blade is forged from 1084 and measures 10 long X 2 wide.  The fittings are blued steel and nickel silver while the handle is ivory.  The sheath is inlaid with lizard skin.  This bowie won Best Bowie and Best of Show at the 2002 Professional Knife Makers show in Denver. 
The Lucky 13 Bowie.  The blade is forged from 1080 Steel and is 13 long by 1 wide.  The overall length on this one is 18.The guard and buttcap are blued mild steel that has been fileworked and coin-edged.  The ferrule is blued mild steel that has been checkered.  The handle is walrus ivory.  This knife won Best Bowie at the 2003 Professional Knifemakers show in Denver. 

Blue Bowie.  The blue bowie features a forged 7 blade of 52100 steel.  The guard and fittings are of blued mild steel.  The guard and buttcap feature coinedging and filework.  The fitting are fileworked and checkered.  The pommel nut is threaded to the tang.  The handle material is stabilized sea cow bone.  This knife won Best Straight Knife of  the 2003 AECA Chicago show. 
This bowie is forged from 1084.  The blade is 7 1/4" long with an overall length of 12".  The handle is stabilized and dyed giraffe bone from WSSI.  The guard is coin edged while the ferrel has a fileworked groove.  The fittings, pins and handle frame are made from 416 stainless.  The knife has a long clip that is difficult to see in the scan.  The knife comes with a tooled leather sheath with a frog stud. 
MW Bowie.  This knife features a forged 8 blade of 1084 steel.  This knife features a little fancy file work on the back of the cutting edge. The guard and fittings are made of nickel silver and blued steel.  The handle is a very dense piece of highly figured red stag. 
Blue and amber waves
This one has 9 3/16" forged 1084/15N20 damascus blade. The pattern on this one is a twisted "W" pattern. The fittings are french greyed mild steel and the handle is mammoth ivory. The overall length on this one is 13 3/8". 

Contender bowie.  Overall length is 14 3/4", blade length is 9 1/8" with a blade width of 1 13/16".  Blade thickness is 1/4". 

Photos courtesy of Andreartworks.

The forged w-2 blade is 11 3/8" long X 2 1/16" wide. The spine is a 1/4" at the guard and has a nice distal taper. OAL is 16 1/4". The guard spacer and butt-cap are Damascus and the handle material is caramel colored ivory.